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Winter squash are a diverse bunch. They come in more forms than just the standard market varieties. Not many foods are more quintessentially Autumn and Winter than squash. These are the varieties you want for soups and pies and baking.
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North Georgia Candy Roaster Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
North Georgia Candy Roaster Squash (out of stock)

(C. maxima) These beautiful pink banana shaped squash are produced in abundance on sprawling vines. One of the sweetest winter squash we’ve ever grown, with fine, dry deep-orange flesh. Slice them across into thick rings and roast them. An heirloom from the southern Appalachians. 20 seeds

Grown by Seeds and Scarecrow Farm, Upper Granville, NS
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Lower Salmon River Squash - Annapolis Seeds
Lower Salmon River Squash (Out of stock)

One of the most delicious winter squash to be had, its thick orange flesh is perfect for roasting or for pies. Sweet and fine textured. Excellent keepers too. A rare heirloom originally from the Salmon River Valley in Idaho. They have proven well adapted for life in the Maritimes! This beautiful squash comes to us from our friends at Pembroke Farm of eastern PEI. They’ve been growing and selecting this variety for a number of seasons now. 20 seeds

-Grown by Pembroke Farm

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Paydon Acorn Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Paydon Acorn Squash
Price: $3.00

(C. pepo) Large and rare, with the most exquisite flavour! Sweeter that most other acorns. The fruits turn from a speckled tan to yellow in storage. Vigorous vines.

Grown for numerous years by Yonder Hill Farm, who have selected for earliness. Their field notes show this strain has become noticeably earlier over the years.
15 seeds

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm
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Sweet Dumpling Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Sweet Dumpling Squash
Price: $3.00

(C. pepo) One of my personal favourites. Small, flattened squash (imagine a cross between delicata and acorn) produced very heavily on short vines. The sweet dry flesh reminds me of roasted chestnuts. A single squash is the perfect size for one person; I like to simply halve them and bake them. The skin is tender enough to eat too. 20 seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds
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Zeppelin Delicata Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Zeppelin Delicata Squash
Price: $3.00

(C. pepo) The classic delicata, maintained from an old strain of the 1894 heirloom. Ivory coloured, with green stripes that turn orange in storage, with that sweet delicata flavour that can't be beat! 15 seeds

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm
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Nippon Island Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Nippon Island Squash
Price: $3.00

(C. mixta) This Japanese cushaw squash averages 7 pounds. Fruits are dark green, with occasional streaks of orange. The moist yellow flesh is my absolute favourite in soups; it’s not a very sweet squash so makes a delicious savoury soup. They’re also good fried.

This variety was introduced to North America in 1884 by Samuel Wilson of Pennsylvania. The most unique feature of this squash are the natural markings and scratches on the seed coat, which are said to resemble calligraphy (at least to an untrained western eye). Each seed is like a work of art. 20 seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds
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Nutterbutter Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Nutterbutter Squash
Price: $3.00

C. moschata - Perfect small sized butternut squash! Scrumptious, rich and nutty. Developed by High Mowing Seeds, bred for reliable harvest in the Atlantic north-east and for fantastic flavour. This squash held it's ground at Twisted Brook Farm when the cucumber beetles and squash bugs arrived by the millions. Impressive. 20 seeds

-Grown by Twisted Brook
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Cornell's Bush Delicata - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Bush Delicata Squash
Price: $3.00

(C. pepo) A favourite at Yonder Hill. The delicious nutty flavour and edible skin makes it a great addition to stews or roasts. The green stripes on the cream coloured skin turn to orange in storage. 15 seeds

-Grown by
Yonder Hill Farm
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Red Kuri Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Red Kuri Squash
Price: $3.00

Teardrop shaped, deep orange, sweet and richly flavoured. Excellent keeper with good yields, the fine grain makes for top notch pies and soups. 20 seeds

Grown by
Twisted Brook
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Kogigu Squash - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Kogigu Squash
Price: $3.00

(C. moschata) A Japanese variety with beautiful personal-sized fruit. Their skin starts out dark green, maturing to a tan orange in storage. Fine, sweet, orange flesh. They’re great halved and baked, or made into soups. Great keepers. 20 seeds

-Grown by Seed and Scarecrow Farm
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