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Sweet Chocolate Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Price: $3.00

Richly coloured chocolate brown sweet peppers. The compact plants are immensely productive, and from our observations seem to thrive even in cool years. Sweet and full of flavour. 25 seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds
Italian Sweet Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Italian Sweet Pepper
Price: $3.00

A super sweet red pepper with long, tapered 7-8 inch fruit. Keeps on bearing right up until the first frost. 25 seeds

-Grown by
Annapolis Seeds
Boldog Paprika Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Boldog Paprika Pepper
Price: $3.00

Prolific bearer of long, thin walled fruits. They dry down easily for making a stunning deep red, sweet, very mildly spicy, flavourful paprika powder. Originally from Boldog, Hungary 30 seeds

-Grown by
Twisted Brook
Yankee Bell Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Yankee Bell Pepper (Out of stock)
Price: $3.00

A green to red bell pepper that was developed in Maine for our short Northern season. Large plants that produce 6-8 large, blocky, thick walled peppers. Early! Crisp! Delicious! 25 seeds

-Grown by Twisted Brook

Round of Hungary Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Round of Hungary Pepper (Sold out for 2019)
Price: $3.00

These deeply lobed, squat peppers look like mini cinderella pumpkins. They start green and turn a deep red when fully ripe. They are the perfect stuffing pepper and the segments are an ideal scoop for hummus and dips. Sweet and crispy. 25 seeds

-Grown by Twisted Brook
Sweet Apple Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Sweet Apple Pepper
Price: $3.00

Thick walled, top-shaped, pimento pepper. Early and dependable, sweet and juicy, the mid sized plants yield well under diverse conditions. 25 seeds

-Grown by Twisted Brook
King Crimson Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
King Crimson Pepper (Sold out for 2019)
Price: $3.00

Beautiful plants heavily loaded with lovely medium sized bell peppers that start green and ripen to a bright red. Bred by High Mowing Seeds for earliness, disease resistance and its remarkable ability to stay upright while supporting all those peppers! 25 seeds

-Grown by Twisted Brook
Klari Baby Cheese Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Klari Baby Cheese Pepper
Price: $3.00

Small flattened sweet peppers that start yellow and ripen to red. Among our earliest peppers, very productive too. An heirloom from Hungary. 20 seeds

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm
Jimmy Nardello Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper
Price: $3.00

Not to be confused as a hot pepper. Those who know Jimmy Nardello love it! A long pointed pepper, quick to ripen from green to a tasty sweet red. 25 seeds

Grown by Twisted Brook and Yonder Hill Farm
Stocky Red Roaster Pepper - Annapolis Seeds
Stocky Red Roaster Pepper (out of stock)
Price: $3.00

Smooth skinned, juicy, early Italian sweet pepper. Delicious fresh eating, and lends itself perfectly to stuffing and roasting. 25 seeds

Grown by Twisted Brook