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- A word on growing Fall and Winter greens -

July, August and into September are the perfect times to sow hardy greens for Fall and Winter harvests. Kales, mizuna, mustard greens, tatsoi, chard and spinach are especially good ones for Fall growing. Many greens actually do better in Fall than they do in Spring... they appreciate the cool weather and reduced flea beetle pressure. The shorter day length make them less likely to bolt compared to Spring sown greens. My most vibrant crops of salad greens are always in the Fall!

To extend the harvest season further into Winter, it's simply a matter of covering up your hardy greens as cold weather arrives. A whole variety of protection techniques will do the trick, whether a glass cold frame, some kind of greenhouse or simple poly sheets over hoops. The plants won't actively grow very much over the Winter, but they'll stay in great shape for harvesting until the very coldest of Winter weather arrives.

- Owen
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Magenta Spreen - Annapolis Seeds
Magenta Spreen (out of stock)

(Chenopodium giganteum) A cultivated form of wild lamb’s quarters, with tender leaves and a beautiful magenta coloured dusting. Pick the young tender leaves, and stagger plantings every few weeks for a continuous supply. When fully mature the plants can reach 6 feet. Great addition to salads, or cooked into any dishes like spinach. Hundreds of seeds (1 g)

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds
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Ruby Streaks Mustard - Annapolis Seeds
Ruby Streaks Mustard (out of stock)

(B. juncea) A gorgeous addition to salad mixes, ruby streaks resembles mizuna but with red streaked leaves. Mild mustard flavour with a crisp texture. Performs best in the cool weather of spring and fall. Approx. 250 seeds (1 g)

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm
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Canton Bok Choy - Annapolis Seeds
Canton Bok Choy (out of stock)

(B. rapa) A fast grower with crunchy upright stems, forming small bunches. Bok choy bolts quickly in the summer heat, so plant early spring or fall. I’ve had my best success growing bok choy as a fall crop, planted in late August after the summer heat has subsided. Approx. 250 seeds (1 g)

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds
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Spicy Mustardy Mesclun Mix - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Spicy Mustardy Mesclun Mix (out of stock)

High-flavour, all-brassica mesclun mix. Lots of different mustards and kales, with none of those bland lettuces that are in the regular Mesclun Mix. Great for cutting baby greens, with fast even growth. 250+ seeds (1 g)

-Grown by Twisted Brook Farm.

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Astro Arugula - Annapolis Seeds
Astro Arugula (out of stock)

Compared to regular arugula, the leaves are rounder, less heavily lobed and a little bit sweeter. Fast growing and cold hardy. Essential ingredient for flavourful salad mixes.

-Grown by Twisted Brook

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Chinese Thick Stem Mustard - Annapolis Seeds
Chinese Thick Stem Mustard (out of stock)

B. juncea - Super mild with succulent stems. Cold hardy, and ideal for fall/winter growing. Plant for cut and come again harvesting to add crunch and bulk to your salads. Treasured by market growers and chefs. 250 seeds (1 g)

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm
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Strawberry Spinach - Annapolis Seeds
Strawberry Spinach (out of stock)

New for 2021 - Blitum capitatum - A curious annual member of the goosefoot family. The leaves are good in salads or eaten as a cooked green. The bright red berries are quite unlike anything else I've seen, growing along each stem. They're lightly sweet, and quite delicious eaten out of hand in the garden. Native to eastern North America.

Grown by Annapolis Seeds
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Dragon Tongue Perennial Arugula - Annapolis Seeds
Dragon Tongue Perennial Arugula (out of stock)

New for 2021 - Diplotaxis tunufolia - A wilder cousin with smaller leaves than cultivated arugula. Deeply lobed leaves with nice spicy flavour and dark red veins.

Grown by
Twisted Brook
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Arugula - Annapolis Seeds
Price: $3.50

Arugula's zesty leaves add lots of flavour to salads. The leaves are spicier in warm weather, and sweeter in Fall and Winter. Fast growing, super-hardy plants are great for Winter growing under cover. Approx. 300 seeds (1 g)

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds
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Garden Sorrel - Annapolis Seeds
Garden Sorrel
Price: $3.50

(Rumex acetosa) - Edible perennial. The tart, lemony greens of this perennial herb are great additions to salads when young and tender, and are famous in soup. Sorrel is usually one of the first greens brave enough to emerge in early spring, and once the plants are established they’ll take care of themselves and keep coming back for years. 100+ seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds

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