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(Capsicum annuum - Capscum baccatum) - Domesticated by Indigenous farmers in the American tropics, peppers have been cultivated there for at least 7,000 years. They've really travelled around in the millennia since, and were enthusiastically adopted into cuisines as diverse as Sichuan and Hungarian.

Sweet Chocolate Pepper - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers - Annapolis Seeds - Nova Scotia Canada
Hot Peppers
Growing: Peppers love heat. We're lucky to have enough heat in the Annapolis Valley to grow many varieties of peppers outdoors, but in cool coastal areas it can be hit or miss. Growing them in a greenhouse or tunnel can improve their production greatly, even here in the Valley.

Peppers are among the first seeds I sow in Spring. I aim to start them under grow lights by mid-March, although I often plant them later and still get away with it. Pepper seeds can be slow to germinate, so give them at least three weeks. I've learned that bottom heat is the key to success with pepper starts... plenty of heat really speeds up germination and early growth.

Transplant out to the garden not only after the risk of frost, but after warm weather has arrived. I seldom plant mine before mid-June around here, they don't benefit from being rushed.

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