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Edible Pod Peas
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Shelling Peas
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Dry Peas
Dry Peas Edible Pod Peas Shelling Peas

Easy to grow and delicious! Peas hold a special place in my heart. They were the first seeds I planted as a child, not too long after I had figured out how to walk. Ever since then, I don’t think a summer has gone by that I haven’t grown at least a small patch of peas.

Like most folks, the peas I was first introduced to were the classic green shelling peas, and sugar snaps. But peas come in a much wider range than just that. Golden yellow snow peas, purple sugar snap peas, peas with beautiful colourful blossoms… not to mention dry peas (an awesome home-grown protein source). And they’re all equally easy to grow!

Growing: Pea seeds are usually sown directly into the garden starting early Spring. They love cool moist weather, of which we have plenty in the Maritimes. They struggle during long periods of Summer heat, but they’ll keep on going if they have enough water. I usually sow mine starting in April, and I continue planting seeds until early/mid June. Several staggered sowings (2-3 weeks apart) will prolong the harvest well into summer.

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