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Breeding okra for Canada! An ongoing project, I've been selecting okra since 2014 to thrive in Northern, short season climates. Our seed is grown outdoors here in Nova Scotia.
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Cajun Jewel Okra - Annapolis Seeds
Cajun Jewel Okra (Out of stock)

Among the earliest maturing okra varieties, it was the fastest to mature in our 2014 trials. Nova Scotia certainly isn’t okra country, but don’t tell that to these plants. The plants reach a height of 3 feet with luxuriant green leaves. Large striking blossoms appear in late summer, followed quickly by the green pods. Pick pods while young for best eating, they become fibrous when fully grown. 25+ seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds

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Nova Scotia Field Mix Okra - Annapolis Seeds
NS Field Mix Okra (Out of stock)

- My ongoing experiment in breeding a short season Nova Scotia adapted okra. In 2013 I travelled to Virginia and visited Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I brought home their five earliest maturing okra varieties, which I planted all together and allowed to cross. Every year since, I've been saving seed from only the individual plants that can naturally ripen their seeds here without plastic or special coddling... to my surprise many of them can!

The plants show a mixture of traits, from their mixture of parent lines. Some pods are long, others are short and stubby. Mostly greens, but a fair amount of red plants also. I think this one could be considered a landrace. 30+ seeds

Harvest the pods when fairly young for best eating. From what I've heard, most areas of the Maritimes have an easy enough time growing okra to the immature eating stage. Ripening the pods fully for seed is what takes a longer growing season (like the Annapolis Valley). Shorter season areas can still grow okra for food, provided you have enough heat to grow tomatoes or peppers.

-Grown by
Annapolis Seeds

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