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- Growing and Seed Saving Guide for the Maritimes -

Growing Peas in Nova Scotia - Saving Pea Seed
Growing Peas
Growing Tomatoes in Nova Scotia - Saving Tomato Seed
Growing Tomatoes
Growing Peppers in Nova Scotia - Saving Pepper Seed
Growing Peppers
Growing Lettuce in Nova Scotia - Saving Lettuce Seed
Growing Lettuce
Growing Kale in Nova Scotia - Saving Brassica Seed
Growing Kale +
Saving Brassica Seed
Growing Eggplant in Nova Scotia - Saving Eggplant Seed
Growing Eggplant
Growing Cucumbers and Melons in Nova Scotia - Saving Seed
Growing Cucumbers
and Melons
Growing Cucamelons in Nova Scotia - Saving Cucamelon Seed
Growing Cucamelons

Growing Squash and
Pumpkins (coming soon)

Growing Edamame Soybeans in Nova Scotia Canada - Annapolis Seeds
Growing Soybeans

Growing Corn
(coming soon)

Growing Onions and Leeks
(coming soon)
Growing Peanuts in Nova Scotia Canada
Growing Peanuts
Growing Beans in Nova Scotia Canada - Saving Seed
Growing Beans
Growing Okra in Nova Scotia Canada
Growing Okra
Growing Lentils in Nova Scotia Canada
Growing Lentils
Growing Sorghum in Nova Scotia Canada
Growing Sorghum

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