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Clearwater Sunchoke - 1 pound (out of stock)
Clearwater Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke) Tubers - Annapolis Seeds


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1 pound (454 g) of tubers

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Also known as Jerusalem Artichoke. Despite its common name this marvelous plant has no connection with Jerusalem... or artichokes! Native to North America, it has long been cultivated by indigenous gardeners all across the east.

A perennial sunflower relative, they grow to 6-8 feet and are topped with yellow flowers in September. The tubers mature in October, and can be dug at any time, or left in the ground to be dug in the winter or early Spring. They don't store as well as other root crops, so I like to simply dig them as I need them.

Sunchokes are extremely hardy, and thrive in almost any garden conditions. The only places they won't enjoy are deep shade or permanently wet soil. They will re-sprout from small pieces of tuber, and are difficult to remove once established. Choose your site carefully! Smothering for a season with landscape fabric is the best way to remove unwanted plants. That said, a well situated patch can yield tons of food, with almost no care.

Clearwater is a variety from Will Bonsall's extensive collection in Maine. Their tubers are less knobbly than most varieties, making them easier to chop and prepare. Will discovered this one growing in the garden of a neighbour, near Clearwater Pond.

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