Seeds for the People!

Our generation has collectively inherited an enormous wealth of diversity in our seeds. Nearly 1,000 generations of farmers before us saved seed from their best plants, making constant selections and breeding countless varieties adapted to their particular places and purposes. Truly co-evolution. Whether going by the names of heirloom, heritage or open-pollinated; these are the people’s seeds. They’re powerful and must remain in the people’s hands!

As agriculture became more centralized and homogenized in the 20th century, people moved away from the land, and our diversity of seeds began to be replaced by an agribusiness industry all about uniformity and control. Where once farmers and communities held full control of their seed, we’re now in an era of patented seeds and even criminalized seed saving.

But so many of our seeds are still here! We have in our hands all the abundance we need to thrive. So lets save seeds for our communities, lets collaborate with friends and neighbours. Lets re-localize, both our seeds and our lives. Lets learn to partner with our plant allies, and realize the near limitless beauty and bounty in our gardens and in nature. Lets reclaim our agrarian inheritance and lets save the seeds!


Annapolis Seeds has been my project for the last 8 years, having started it in 2008 as a high school aged seed saver. We grow all of our own seeds (either here at our farm in Nictaux or collaborating with a few other awesome growers around Nova Scotia), so you know they’re locally adapted to our place and climate (and to similar climates). We’re all about growing and maintaining as many rare varieties as possible, and we hope you can do the same! I’d love to see every gardener and farmer also become a seed saver, that’s how community seed self-reliance will happen.

All our seeds are open-pollinated, non-GMO, untreated, regionally adapted and grown with love.

We’ve signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

Thanks for supporting small farming and local seeds!

-Owen Bridge

For a slightly longer telling of our farm's story, check out this page.