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Located on a drumlin hill on the South Shore, Yonder Hill Farm is an old farmstead currently being rejuvenated by Chris Sanford and Garrett Anders-Lauten. Chris and Garrett were the first seed growers we collaborated with, way back in 2009 when they were farming at Windhorse and Annapolis Seeds was in just it's second year.

After farming in the Northeast US and the NS South Shore, they took on stewardship of Yonder Hill in 2012. At the time it was decades past it's heyday as a bustling farm, they've since restored the old barn and house, created new gardens, and planted many dozens of nut and fruit trees.

Chris takes a particular interest in growing and saving seeds of squash, carefully hand-pollinating in order to grow more varieties without them crossing. You'll notice plenty of her handiwork throughout the catalogue, and especially in our cucurbit sections.

Yonder Hill Farm - South Shore Nova Scotia

Seed Gardens at Yonder Hill Farm - South Shore Nova Scotia

Squash Seed Crops Curing - Yonder Hill Farm - South Shore NS