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Luther Hill Corn - Annapolis Seeds
Luther Hill Sweet Corn
Price: $3.00

Among the sweetest open pollinated sweet corns out there! Ears are small (up to 6 inches), but productively borne on compact 4-5 foot tall stalks, especially if plants are spaced widely. A very popular variety in it’s heyday of the early 1900’s, Luther Hill is a parent of some of today’s hybrid sweet corn. Early too. (Photo credits: Chris Sanford/Yonder Hill Farm) About 75 seeds (10 g)

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm

Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavoured Popcorn - Annapolis Seeds
Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavoured Popcorn
Price: $3.00

The name says it all! An incredibly tasty heirloom popcorn, so flavourful they pretty much don’t need any toppings. 7’-8’ plants are very productive. Popcorn is easy enough to grow, when the husks turn yellow and the kernels begin to dry pick and shuck the cobs and hang them indoors to finish drying. For best popping make sure the kernels are as dry as possible. 75 seeds (10 g)

-Grown by
Yonder Hill Farm
Oaxacan Green Dent Corn - Annapolis Seeds
Oaxacan Green Dent Corn
Price: $3.00

An awesome dent corn with mesmerizing emerald-green kernels. It’s great for grinding into corn meal and flour... home grown green tortillas are pretty hard to beat! The stalks can grow up to 8 feet or more with two big green cobs per plant. Makes a good sweet corn too if eaten fresh at the milk stage. 100 seeds (20 g)

-Grown by
Annapolis Seeds
Early Riser Flint Corn - Annapolis Seeds
Early Riser Flint Corn (Sold our for 2018)
Price: $3.00

A multi-purpose field corn well adapted to northern climates, having been selected in Vermont by organic grain expert Jack Lazor. It has great genetic diversity, with both flint and dent characteristics and kernel colours ranging from dark orangey yellow to cream. Rich in beta-carotenoids, it’s great for cornmeal and livestock feed. Very early maturing for a field corn, it tassels as it grows to 5-8 feet tall and dries down in October from a mid-May planting.

-Grown by Yonder Hill Farm
Glass Gem Corn - Annapolis Seeds
Glass Gem Corn
Price: $3.00

The most visually stunning corn I’ve ever come across. True to it’s name, Glass Gem has incredible transparent gems of kernels. Makes a good popcorn, or grind them like a flint corn. These seeds were grown by our friends Petra and Matthew of Fruition Seeds, in the Finger Lakes of New York State. They’ve been selecting them for early maturity for the northeast, and pop-ability. Our only non-Atlantic Grown seed. We had to make an exception to offer these beauties! 75+ seeds

-Grown by Fruition Seeds, Naples, NY

Rainbow Inca Sweet Corn - Annapolis Seeds
Rainbow Inca Sweet Corn
Price: $3.00

A multi-coloured sweet corn, bred by Dr. Alan Kapular of Oregon from a mixture of coloured sweet corn parents. Best for fresh eating when the kernels are young and white, also delicious when more mature for soups. 75 seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds